Master Logo Sketching in 28 days
Master Logo Sketching in 28 days.
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Workshops + Events coming soon
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Workshops + Events
Workshops + Events
Workshops + Events coming soon
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Learn modern design income skills faster.

I'm a designer just like you — excited to share with you my industry design experience(aka income skills)


Why you should add *logo design to your skills(batman) belt

I want you to take a moment and search “Logo Design(er)” in your browser. In summary; The first, second, and third page of Google is populated with logo makers.

This means companies are pivoting towards logo design to enjoy a piece of the pie. So besides logo makers taking your lunch money.
Logo design has become more lucrative.

logo design for everyone

Learn sketching, transform your thoughts into real-world ideas

If you're a beginner to logo design;

You will learn how to articulate your ideas with sketching, and implementation with industry-standard design software(Figma)

If you’ve no design background;

You don't design but would love to articulate your ideas on paper. You will learn how to sketch and basic fundamentals of design.

self-paced course

Logo Sketching with Letters

Learn how to sketch. Transform your imagination into ideas under 4 weeks.

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*Great course for beginners and pros wanting to improve their skills.

coming soon

Logo Sketching w/ figurative & shapes

Learn how to design logos with top industry tools, transform your life in 8 Weeks.

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My story

My transition from a no-body to brand & product design

As a designer

My name is Paul Zana a self-taught Brand Designer and Product designer with close to a decade of design experience. My professional design career started back in 2014 at an Ads agency as a Junior Graphic designer. By the time I quit the Ads world, I had worked for two Ad agencies as an Art Director (read my boring LinkedIn). Most importantly, I'm deeply passionate about knowledge around design!

As an educator

Honestly, this is my first year as design educator and I can only ask you, to trust me and the process — that I can pass on my years of experience to you!

Logo Design

Logo Sketching with Letters


Learn how to sketch. Transform your imagination into ideas under 4 weeks.

Waiting list

🍎 From, I hate sketching to I love sketching
🍏 Beginner to advanced
🍐 Turn your thoughts into ideas
🍊 Lifetime Access + Course updates
🍋 30 days Money-back Guarantee
🍌 Completion certificate
🍉 Think with shapes and type
🍇 Tell logo stories with sketches


Live Mentorship Workshop w/ me.


🍏   2 days workshop
🍎   4 hours each day
🍐   1 on 1 (It's you and me)
🍊   Actionable feedback
🍋   Free Resources and Tools

Is it for you? Yes, it's for you

🍌   If you have got an interest in design
🍉   If you want to tap into my industry experience
🍇   If you're new to design and need help
🍓   If you've completed my courses and need extra help
🫐   If you need a career mentor

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